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Industrious Garage is proud to feature polyaspartic coatings as an innovative way to save time on floor coatings without compromising the quality of your finished product. Our team is highly trained in every step of the installation process and passionate about what they do. It’s important to leave this task to a professional – if the coating is improperly installed or the wrong products are used, your flooring will be more susceptible to cracks, damage, chemical spills and water intrusion.

Additives such as flakes or quartz are recommended for most flooring projects. Doing so creates a non-slip surface and makes it safer to walk on, especially when wet. It also adds a unique, decorative look to your floor! If you have a space with less traffic and want something even more visually appealing, a metallic additive is a great option that adds a smooth, artistic finish. We have several color options available in each style.

Polyaspartic Coating

Polyaspartic offers the same benefits as epoxy and beyond! It’s more durable and fade-resistant when compared to epoxy – and it dries a LOT faster too. This makes it possible for us to start and finish your flooring project all in the same day! Polyaspartic coatings can be applied in temps as low as 30 degrees and are available in low VOC upon request, which means there’s little to no odor during the installation process. This makes it safer for you and us, particularly in rooms that don’t have a lot of ventilation like basements.

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Residential – Commercial – Industrial

Flake System

A multi-coat flake system is designed to provide an attractive, durable and seamless flooring finish.

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Color Guard System

A high performance coating system designed to provide a durable and sanitary, low maintenance floor.

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Quartz System

A uniform quartz coating system creates a highly durable floor ideal for heavy traffic applications.

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