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Industrious Garage was created as a swift, professional alternative to many traditional epoxy floor coating services in the greater Chicagoland area. Our team is proud to use a fairly new innovation in the marketplace – polyaspartic coatings. Our solution works and dries faster than traditional epoxy, is more durable and leaves little to no chemical odor.

Epoxy floor coatings generally limit a workplace’s use for several hours or even days after an application – but your surfacing is ready for use just a few hours after the polyaspartic coating is applied. Our experienced team is highly knowledgeable, and we have a solid understanding of which coatings are best for just about every type of residential, automotive or industrial environment. You can trust the professionals at Industrious Garage for all your coating needs.

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We’re ready to discuss your next floor coating project with you! Industrious Garage also provides storage organization services for garages, warehouses, basements, and more. Get in touch with us today to discover what we can do for you!