Flake System

Flake Floor Coating System 

Our polyaspartic flake coatings are ideal for garages but can be applied to any space! Including a flake aggregate provides added durability and helps hide any imperfections in the floor. It also comes in a wide variety of colors to accommodate everyone’s taste.


Key Benefits of Our Polyaspartic Flake System

 Resistant to chemicals and scratches
 Provided added traction 
 aesthetically pleasing (endless color options)
 helps to hide surface imprefections
 recommended for indoor and outdoor applications

The flake system offers protection from surface scratches and withstands chemical spills, harsh cleaners, and constant foot traffic. This material has built-in UV resistance and will not fade or turn yellow over time. Worried about the surface being slick? We add aluminum oxide to the topcoat for extra traction. 

close up shot of peppermill flake floor coating
orbit color flake of recently installed polyaspartic floor coating

Standard Flake Options

Premium Flake Options

1- Day Installations

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